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fangirl challenge: tv shows [1/5] Teen Wolf

"You know what happens when you only hear one side of the story? You only heard one side of the story."

Sometimes what we want isn’t what the world needs.

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hook&emma + 4.01 a tale of two sisters

Wanna go home and see what’s on Netflix?
- I don’t know what that is, but sure.

Frozen characters in Once Upon A Time 

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- I was interrogated in prison. And I guess I panicked. I didn’t want to be a risk to the people close to me, so…
- You deleted your friends?
- My friends, anyone who ever helped me, my family.
- Your family?
- Of course, my family.
- How could you do that?
- Well, I don’t know. I suppose I must have loved them.

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"So much mental traffic in the universe. 

                  Solitude is the only peace

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colour palettes ➝ Quicksilver for pietromaxiimof

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Fangirl Challenge: Male Characters [2/15] Steve Rogers/Captain America 

 The price of freedom is high. And it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

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Lluvia /yoo'-ve-ah/
Sixteen; Female. American/Mexican. Also known as Rain. Junior. 5'2. Disney movie lover. Cherry pie enthusiast. Superhero fanatic. Dog person. Diagnosed with an unhealthy obsession to Grey's Anatomy. European history nut. Lazy perfectionist. Procrastinating overachiever. Sarcastic little shit. Star Wars Newbie. Ghost Believer. Horrible Writer. Coffee Craver. Prefer Autumn over Fall. Mug collector. Picky eater. ♥ ♥


A new theme, you like?
Semi-hiatus. It's my junior year of high school and I really have to focus on that before anything else.
August 19, 2014: Floor seats. The concert was amazing and I cried like a baby.


↳ reading: The Outlander
↳ watching: One Tree Hill and Sleepy Hallow
↳ playing: Assassin's Creed II.

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I track "captainhooks" and my queue is on from 5 a.m to 12 a.m with the tag "advanced queuetum physics".


I am ISFJ. On Pottermore I was told that I was a Gryffinclaw. My wand is a hard, ash, 12 1/2 in. with a phoenix feather core.

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None of these fics are mine. This page is just for storage and reviewing.


They are just a collection of fics I have read over the years. Most of them are larry fics, but as of lately I haven't been in the one direction fandom. Hopefully I will find fics from other fandoms and begin posting them there too..

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